Joining Language Curry

Language Curry is a language learning platform to learn Indian languages in a most engaging and fun manner. With our superior pedagogy and content in real - life situations the user is able to start conversing in the desired language from the start.

LCurry is designed to provide learning through self learning in a thoroughly engaging and fun environment. While content has been developed by experts having years of experience in developing curriculum for various Indian languages. The use of various gaming features ensure You, the user is never bored.

Each lesson contains grammar and vocabulary exercises, along with cultural insights of the language/place.

English will be the medium to teach all languages.

Presently LCurry is offering Hindi, Sanskrit and Punjabi courses. Our content team is hard at work developing Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Guajarati. Other languages will be following soon. Our aim is to unite all Indian languages under the LCurry platform.

Is LCurry free to use? Membership on Lcurry is absolutely free! However you will need to sign up for a plan to avail all LCurry features.

LCurry has various pricing plans to suit your language goals and budget. For pricing details for each language, pl click here(link to be inserted – will lead to pricing)

You can download the LCurry app from the Apple App Store to learn the language of your choice on the go.

- Go to the app store and search for 'Language Curry'.

- Download and install the LCurry app on your iPhone/iPad

- Open the app and select the language you want to learn.

- Select the Sign up option of its your first time. If you've already registered for busuu then just select the Login option.

- Fill in your details in the form and click 'Register'. You can also sign up using your existing Facebook or Google+ accounts.

- You are now ready to start learning with LCurry

The Android App is under development. Please share your email address and we will send you a holler as soon as its launched!

Getting Started

Lcurry is a complete self study program, designed to teach the student in short bursts of 10-20 minutes.

The course is divided into 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Expert Level. While Basic Course will equip you with conversational skills, the Intermediate Course will delve deeper into the grammar and cultural connotations of the language. Expert level will teach the written script of the language.

It's pretty simple to create an account with LCurry and get started. You'll need to follow these steps:

<< The actual Steps >>

Enter your email address

Enter a password (minimum 6 characters)

Click "Sign up" - your account will be created and you'll be able to get started straight away!

You can also connect with Facebook or Google+ to create an account with us via our apps and the website.

If you get an error message stating that your email/password are already in use, then you have already registered and would need to use the "Log in" option.

Click the "Log in" button

Enter your username and password combination, or use the Facebook or Google+ login buttons (depending on how you registered) and press "Log in" again.

You'll be redirected to your dashboard where you'll be able to see your progress and continue learning where you left off.

If you have forgotten your password, click on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login screen, enter your email address and we will send a Forgot password link. Following this link will allow you to select new password to continue learning. Remember to check your Spam folder if you do not receive the password reset email, as sometimes our emails can end up there by accident.

If you still have problems, please submit a request or email us directly at If you receive an error that your email address/password are incorrect, please contact us directly and we can manually reset your password.

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