Top 5 Reasons to Learn Hindi

If India has one of the largest English speaking/understanding population in the world, why would you want to learn Hindi or say another regional language then? Well, not only does language learning expand your mind, it also opens the door to the vibrant, rainbow colored Indian culture.

Here are our top 5 reasons to learn Hindi –
1. Open the Door to India’s culture
Once you pick up even a smattering of Hindi, you will be amazed at the plethora of cultural avenues that are now open for you – from our biggest cultural export, Bollywood, to Indian Plays, Indian Music and even local food and beautiful homestays. Knowing hindi will take you to the most interesting India journey ever. It does not mean asking the concierge at the hotel about the best meal in town. It means asking the taxi driver about his favorite restaurants.

2.  No more sheepish hand gestures – Gain Confidence
No more signaling to say that you want the chef to go easy on the salt and spice, or to tell the taxi driver to slow down. Being able to communicate in a smooth flow will help you navigate your India experience like a seasoned traveler and build a deeper connection with the culture. Arming yourself with Hindi, you won’t be hesitant about asking for directions from a guy sitting next to you on the Metro (Tube/Sub).

3. Endear yourself to the Locals
Even being able to say, ‘Sorry, I am not very fluent in Hindi’ in Hindi goes a long way in building a rapport with the locals. You don’t need to master the language to be able to communicate. Thankfully a lot of English words are well understood here, so much so that there is a hybrid language, ‘Hinglish’ which is widely used. So, don’t be overwhelmed, you just need to know enough to build relations!

4.  Get royal treatment
We Indians are super proud of our culture and heritage, so you will be amazed to know how well treated you will be, once we know you have taken the time to learn our language. This shows that you are here to explore and learn, and not only for Selfies and Monuments. And this means you respect the culture and language of approximately 697.4 Million people in the world! Yes, Hindi is the 3rd most spoken language in the world.

5. Get your Career into the Fast Lane
Use the language to gain market insights, bond better with your Indian colleagues. Companies are increasingly becoming multinational and prefer employees who are fluent in more than 1 language. A dynamic country like India is attracting a lot of foreign companies to its shores and employees who are bilingual help build global business relationships.

No need to consult archaic Books teaching coursebook Hindi or to take the service of very expensive tutors to learnt the language! Just DOWNLOAD our APP, LANGUAGE CURRY and learn Hindi in short modules of 5-10 minutes each. In between meetings, while commuting, at the dentist reception, or even at a Goa beach – Learn as you Go!

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An avid reader, she is passionate about the Indian Culture and Arts.

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