Our Story and Mission

Language Curry began when a few likeminded people met and discussed the pride in speaking and knowing their mothertongue. India as a country is blessed with a beautiful and rich culture, and one of the most important blocks of the culture that needs to passed on to our younger generations as well as spread across the world are our languages.

No matter where you belong from or where you live, India or Indians would have touched your lives in some way or the other! India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  World over businesses want to reach out to India and Indians to tap the attractive market. And for a country with a culture as diverse and vibrant as India it is vital to be attune with the country’s cultural quotient along with the business viability.

This is where language curry makes sense. We do not believe in translations or interpretations, we believe in the power of learning. Learning that enables you to be a part of India in a way that India never leaves you. Our language learning mission is to gain fluency in a particular language and imbibe the rich culture in the process.


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